Jazz Up Your Kitchen

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You don’t need to do a full kitchen renovation to breathe new life into your kitchen. A lick of paint here and there, some new door knobs, some new accessories and your worn-down kitchen will look like new. If you aren’t sure where to start, why not start by reading this blog? You might some new inspiration and ideas on how to give your kitchen a new lease on life.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Although it might take a while depending on how many cabinets and drawers you have, but painting is generally to quickest way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Perhaps you have oak doors or standard damaged white ones that have discoloured a little, nothing that a little paint won’t sort out. Stay on trend and go for a moss green, deep blue or a grey. If you are adventurous and it fits the rest of your interior, pick mustard yellow or a dusty pink. This is best done over the weekend, or a bank holiday weekend, as the paint will need to dry between layers. It is a laborious job, but worth the effort and money. Make sure you are actually allowed to paint your kitchen cabinets if you are renting. While some landlords will be fine with the change, others might not be as pleased.

Buy New Door & Drawer Knobs

You don’t have to put effort into painting, changing a small detail like your door handles can make a big difference – and it’s hardly any effort. Make wooden cabinets look edgy by adding a stainless steel handle, or give it a country feel by replacing your wooden handles with cast iron or black zinc handle. One of the latest trends that looks great in any kitchen in adding leather handles. They come in different colours, from various browns to blues and whites so you are sure to find something to suit your personal style. Pop down to Ikea, Wilko or your local B&Q to find some new handles. You don’t even have to wait till the weekend for this job, you can even do this any weekday.

Clear Your Counters & Add Some Flowers

Declutter your kitchen and give your counters a good clean. Be critical and ask yourself whether all the things on your counter top and kitchen island actually need to be there. A pot with frequently used utensils is absolutely fine, but do you actually need to display your boxes of tea all the time? If you only use your toaster on the weekends, consider putting it away in a cupboard the rest of the week. Clean, empty counters will make your kitchen look so much fresher. For an extra pop of life and colour, add fresh-cut flowers or a potted plant to that empty window sill or a corner of your counter. It will give your kitchen a fresh feel. If you are busy body like me, consider having your flowers delivered straight to your door. It’s been made easier by companies, such as Bloom Magic, that deliver fresh-cut flowers for free anywhere in the UK. If you have a wide range of utensils always lying about, why not invest in some new pots and container to organise your kitchen scissors, spatulas and other things.

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Must Have Accessories For A Modern Kitchen

Having a great looking kitchen is an asset to any household, as we at Kitchen Appliances Reviews believe it is the true heart to the home. If you recently have painted, and fitted out your kitchen with new worktop spaces and tiles, and now you are looking for suggests on what to install next, you’ve came to the right place. Our team here at KAR have come together to create a list of the must haves when looking to create a modern looking kitchen.


Resin Flooring

Getting a modern look for your kitchen isn’t about just finding all the gadgets and most expensive appliances for aesthetic reasoning and having it all in the one room. It’s about improving on accessibility and making life simpler for yourself in the room you complete most of your daily tasks. That’s why resin floor is a must for the modern kitchen. Added to the fact that resin flooring is so easy to sweep and clean, it also is great for absorbing noise, so you can cut down on the noise projection to the rest of the house.


A fridge which does it all

The biggest the fridge, the more options you have. In the past it was very expensive to get your hands on a larger, more luxurious refrigerator. Now though, people are demanding more out of their appliances for a smaller price so getting what you envision can be much more realistic. Having a fridge which doesn’t only have space for your to easily keep all your food in, but also dispenses fresh cold water, ice and is easy to clean is great helps you upkeep the standard of your kitchen a lot faster.


Lacquered metal column radiators

Lacquered metal column radiators are great due to the different shapes and sizes they can be bought at, so it can always fit comfortably in your kitchen. Apart from the radiators looking neutral enough to fit into any modern kitchen, they have a great performance, heating up a room in a matter of minutes. They do all this using less energy than your average radiator; you’ll see this reflect upon your heating bill. The outstanding finish on these radiators includes the look of a classical looking radiator, yet the finish to the metal makes it vibrant and trendy enough to impress your guests. If you are looking for more information on the BTU, and to get an idea of the different options on hand, check out Trade Radiators.


Fresh, new lighting

By getting soft lighting for your kitchen, you will really bring out the kitchen on all the appliances and furniture which you have carefully selected for the room. Getting the lighting right can create the ambiance and mood of the room for future use. Hanging lights are great to limit sensitive eyes from being sore overtime. Hanging lights are great for making the ceiling appear taller and the room look bigger.

Best Buys for Baking

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In the last 5 years or so, baking has experienced a huge revival thanks largely in part to some fantastic celebrity chefs and cooks like Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, and of course our beloved Mary Berry. Inspired by the Great British Bake-Off, more and more of us have been dusting off our pastry cutters and rolling pins and rolling up our sleeves to start baking. Even the best baking is only as good as their equipment and ingredients though, so if you find yourself baking more and more these days, then it could be time to invest in some new baking tools. Continue reading “Best Buys for Baking”