Our Thoughts: June Intelligent Oven

The June Intelligent Oven looks just like a microwave but it is so much more than that. It cooks like an oven but has the thinking power of a computer.  It has a built in camera and has a faster processor than some of the top smart phones on the market. Its software can recognise 25 different types of food and cook them automatically.

This Intelligent Oven comes with its own IOS app so you can sit on the couch with your feet up and watch your meal being prepared for you. It really does take the thinking out of cooking but at a whopping £1200 you would expect that sort of functionality. It is an awfully lot of money for something that struggles to cook simple things. If your looking for a bit of toast then chances are you are going to use your toaster which is the logical way to think plus the toaster will do a better job but things like chicken and fish etc. with minimal thought then this is what you are after.

If you are a terrible cook this may be the best thing you ever buy but if you love cooking and like nothing more than getting stuck in then maybe spend the money on a better dishwasher. There is something a bit Mrs Doyle from Father Ted about this when she gets the tea maker.

We dont think that this will take over the microwave any time soon and for the amount of money you need to spend why would it? It doesn’t help with prepping food so if you are looking for some space age technology that will do everything in the kitchen you might be a long way off. The June Intelligent Oven will bake, toast, roast and broil all you meals but you are still going to need to cut, wash and prep everything you put into this kitchen super computer.

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